Who Causes More Car Accidents, Male or Female Drivers? Date: Mar 28, 2022

You’ve probably heard it debated before. It may start off as a joke between friends but quickly grow heated. Who has more accidents — males or females? Men drive more than women, but there is a long-running, though unproven, stereotype that women are “bad drivers.” All this can make for sometimes passionate arguments.

This is one debate where there is a clear answer: men get in more accidents than women.

Do Men or Women Get in More Accidents?

The data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety finds that many more men than women are casualties of car accidents. Over the course of a year, men represented 71 percent of casualties while women accounted for 29 percent. According to a longer-term study, from 1975 to 2015, twice as many men as women died in car accidents.

Male vs. Female Accident Statistics

How best to address this long-running debate? Statistics provide the answer to the question.

The study found several reasons for this disparity:

  • Men Engage in Riskier Behavior While Driving: Men are less likely to wear seatbelts, and they are more likely to drive while intoxicated or drowsy. Such impairment can lead to accidents, and without seatbelts, men have a greater likelihood of dying.
  • Men Drive More Than Women: Men log more miles on the road than women do, which gives them more experience behind the wheel. But it also means they account for more accidents because they are more likely to be driving than a woman.
  • Men Speed More Than Women: The faster you drive your car, the higher the possibility you will get in an accident. This is especially true with younger men, as those under age 34 are almost twice as likely to die in a crash caused by high speeds than women.

Still, research has found that the number of fatal crashes involving women has risen in recent years, even though the overall number of crashes has decreased. Researchers wondered if women had begun engaging in riskier driving behavior, but they found that in accidents where both men and women were wearing seatbelts, women were more likely to be injured. While research into this phenomenon continues, it’s another odd anomaly in this ongoing debate.

Find the Assistance You Need After a Car Accident

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who crashes more, men or women. What matters is what happens after the crash. Getting the right help is critical to moving forward with your life following an accident. Regardless of who was driving, a car accident can change your life if you’ve been injured or run up significant medical bills.

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