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After an accident, you may need to pay for extensive medical bills, take time off work for medical care and recovery, hire someone to do ordinary tasks around the house that you used to do, and cope with your physical pain and emotional anguish. The costs of a serious accident may add up quickly. Filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the only way to recoup your losses. At Argionis & Associates, our Chicago personal injury attorneys are ready to advocate for your right to compensation. We handle the full range of cases that arise in this area of the law. You can seek our assistance if you need a motor vehicle accident attorney or representation in a claim related to a slip and fall, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, a defective product, a construction accident, a brain injury, defamation, or sexual abuse, among other areas.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

We represent people who have been hurt in crashes involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Most of these cases require a victim to prove a driver's negligence. To do this, the victim must establish the duty of the defendant to use reasonable care, the defendant's failure to fulfill this duty, causation, and actual damages. In some cases, the standard of care is set by safety laws or regulations. For example, interstate truck drivers must follow the regulations set forth by the FMSCA.

In some situations, motor vehicle accident defendants may raise the defense of comparative negligence. This involves arguing that the plaintiff's own failure to use reasonable care fully or partially caused the crash. Damages are reduced by the plaintiff's own percentage of responsibility, if any is found. This makes it particularly important to enlist a dedicated car accident attorney who can fight back against allegations of comparative negligence.

Slip and Falls

We help injured residents of Illinois seek compensation for slip and fall accidents. In order to prevail in this type of claim, you will need to establish that there was a dangerous condition on the property that caused your fall. This could include a sticky substance that was spilled on the floor or a crack in the sidewalk in front of an entryway, for example. A defendant may be held liable for causing the dangerous condition, failing to repair it, or failing to provide warnings to visitors about it. You will need to establish that the defendant either knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. Often, how long the condition was present is critical in establishing whether the defendant should have known about it.

Medical Malpractice

If you have been harmed due to medical negligence, we may be able to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against the health care professional who was negligent. The defendant must have failed to meet a professional standard of care, thereby causing an injury to the plaintiff. Health care professionals are required to use the knowledge, skill, and care that are customarily used by a competent health care professional in the same specialty. Failing to do something that a reasonably careful medical professional in the same specialty would do is considered professional negligence. Medical malpractice cases frequently hinge on expert testimony because of their complexity.

Nursing Home Negligence

There are several potential grounds on which an Illinois resident may sue for nursing home negligence, including common law theories as well as the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act. The Nursing Home Care Act applies to all residents of long-term care facilities. If you can show that a defendant violated the Act, you may be able to obtain compensatory damages, attorneys' fees, and an injunction.

Product Liability

We also handle product liability lawsuits. Generally, these are brought against a manufacturer when a defective product has harmed a consumer or user of the product. Items that often cause injuries include toys, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, appliances, and motor vehicles. There are three types of actionable defects: marketing, manufacturing, and design. In some cases, a manufacturer may be held strictly liable for a defective product after it hurts a consumer or user.

Construction Accidents and Workers' Compensation Claims

Generally, an employee who is injured on a construction site may file a workers' compensation claim against his or her employer. However, workers' compensation benefits are not always sufficient. If someone other than the employer was negligent, such as another subcontractor or a general contractor, and the negligence caused the construction accident, the employee may have a basis to file a personal injury lawsuit against that third party.

Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries may be catastrophic, changing an accident victim's life forever. In many cases, someone who has suffered a brain injury may need lifelong medical treatment and personal assistance. The associated costs may be very high. These injuries may be sustained in many different types of accidents, but what is common among these cases is the need for an experienced personal injury attorney who can look for all possible sources of compensation. For example, in a truck accident case, it may be important to consider not only the possible negligence of the truck driver but also the potential liability of his employer and the truck manufacturer.

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