Personal injury claims in Illinois can result from a range of situations, such as medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents and traffic accidents. In all these cases, you may have a lawsuit or a legal claim if your injuries were caused by someone else. Seeking a personal injury lawsuit settlement in Chicago allows you to pay for medical costs, lost time at work and other expenses that can easily add up after an injury.

What Should You Do If You or Someone You Love Has Been Injured?

If you or a loved one has been injured in any way, you’ll want to take several steps:

  • Stay calm: Whether you’ve been in a car accident or suffered an on-the-job injury, try to stay calm. Do not get into a debate about the causes or severity of your injury, and do not take responsibility. Many complex factors can go into an injury, so you want to let the experts determine liability and cause.
  • Get medical help quickly: If you have or may have suffered an injury, visit an¬†emergency room or medical professional as soon as possible. Even if you seem to have few or no symptoms, some injuries can take time to develop symptoms. Seeing a doctor allows you to get started on treatment and ensures that you can link your injury to the incident that caused it. It’s especially important to get a check-up if you hit your head¬†since serious brain injuries can take some time to develop symptoms.
  • Start documenting: Take photos of where you were injured, get contact information of witnesses, capture pictures and gather records of your injury and get copies of police or medical reports. Continue to keep receipts of everything related to your injuries. Even taxi fare is related, and you can seek to have it covered.
  • Report the injury: If you’ve been in a car accident, you need to report the injuries to your insurance company and the police. If you’ve been in a workplace accident, report the incident to your manager or supervisor.
  • Find the best possible personal injury lawyer in Chicago: As soon as you can, contact a personal injury accident lawyer in Chicago. At Argionis & Associates, your initial consultation is free, so you risk nothing. You’ll get a chance to ask questions and get legal advice about the personal injury lawsuit process in Chicago so that you can make the best possible decision for you.

Our Practice Areas

At Argionis & Associates, we handle many personal injury cases, including:

Our Illinois personal injury lawyer team has worked with some of the toughest personal injury cases in Chicago, including injured children, amputations, birth injuries and fatal injuries. Our team includes professionals considered among the top personal injury lawyers in Chicago in their dedication and hard work. At Argionis & Associates, we take each case seriously, approaching it with a custom process and working hard with our clients for the best outcome.

If you’ve been injured, you want the best injury lawyers in Chicago protecting your finances. Your costs, including medical bills and lost income, can have a huge impact on your budget for months or years to come, which is why you want an experienced personal injury lawyer assisting you from the start. To get support and legal representation, contact Argionis & Associates online or at (312) 782-4545 to arrange a free consultation with an attorney.