How Common Are Car Accidents in Illinois?
Common Types of Car Accidents in Chicago
What You Should Do If You’ve Been In An Auto Accident in Chicago
Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney?
What Will a Car Accident Attorney Do?
Chicago Car Accident FAQ

Car Accident Attorneys in Chicago

With thousands of cars traveling daily on Illinois roads, car crashes are a common occurrence. The law allows you to receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. Whether you have been involved in a serious collision or a minor crash, if you are injured, you are entitled to a settlement. Studies have revealed that people who hire a personal injury attorney to represent them in a car accident, receive a greater settlement than people who try to settle their case without an attorney.

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Car Accident Causes & Possible Damages

Motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence and often the result of a driver error, whether it be drunk driving or negligence. Auto accident lawyer, George Argionis, has extensive experience litigating cases resulting from motor vehicle accidents. We also have experience representing individuals injured as a result of vehicle defects or defective product design, such as defective seatbelts, tires, or gas tanks.

Auto accidents often result in damages such as personal injury and time lost from work. A person who has been injured by a negligent driver might be able to recover damages for pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, disability, and lost wages. Damages may also include the loss of earning capacity, i.e., the inability to earn money at the same rate due to disability or diminished work capacity. A spouse of an injured person, if entitled, may be able to recover for loss of consortium damages, including the value of lost services and companionship provided by the injured person.

How Common Are Car Accidents in Illinois?

Unfortunately, the need for a Chicago car accident lawyer is extremely common. There are over 300,000 accidents in Chicago every year and over 90,000 injuries. In 2021, the Illinois Department of Transportation reported 1,361 fatalities in Illinois and the majority of those deaths are in or around the Chicago area.

While being in a car accident is common, it’s not something to take lightly. If you’ve been injured, contact a car crash attorney in Chicago right away. The sooner you have legal representation, the sooner you have someone seeking fair compensation for your medical bills, lost income and more.

Common Types of Car Accidents in Chicago

Many types of auto accidents occur due to aggressive driving, including incidents like speeding or failing to yield. Other common accident types include:

  • Impaired driving accidents: When a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, their reflexes are slower and reactions delayed. Those who contributed to the impairment can also be held accountable in some circumstances, such as a bar that over-serves its patrons.
  • Distracted driving crashes: Using a cellphone or other device takes a driver’s eyes off the road. Other typical accident-causing activities that fall into this category include reading, eating and grooming.
  • Ride-booking service accidents: Uber and Lyft usage is on the rise in Chicago, increasing the potential for collisions involving ride-hailing drivers and passengers. These cases can be complex since they may include multiple insurance companies.
  • Drowsy driving collisions: Fatigued drivers may doze off or drift across lanes of traffic. Reaction times for exhausted drivers are often comparable to those of impaired operators.

What You Should Do If You’ve Been In An Auto Accident in Chicago

If you have been in an accident, complete the following steps:

  • Stay calm, and exchange contact and insurance information: A Chicago car accident attorney will warn you not to engage in an angry exchange with the driver or speculate about what caused the accident. The vehicle accident lawyer for the other driver can use this against you. Always exchange data and insurance information. If you’ve been hit by an uninsured driver, get their car and contact information, and contact your own attorney. You may be able to seek compensation through your own insurance company.
  • Get medical attention: Always get an all-clear from a medical professional, even if you’re not sure you’re injured. Some painful and dangerous injuries — including whiplash and traumatic brain injury — do not always result in pain right away, but you may need treatment at once. Seeing a doctor also gives your vehicle accident attorney in Chicago documentation they can use in a claim.
  • Start gathering evidence of your injuries: Take photos of the accident scene, get contact information for witnesses and gather police or medical reports as well as detailed records of your injuries. Get more documentation than you think you need. Your Chicago auto accident lawyer may be able to use it to strengthen your claim.
  • Contact a serious accident attorney in Chicago: If you’ve been injured, you want the best traffic collision attorney in Chicago. Insurance companies are looking out for their bottom line, and you want someone who can negotiate and even go to court to ensure you do not pay more than you have to for injuries you sustained through no fault of your own.

Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney?

Filing a legal claim against someone who causes an accident can be challenging. One needs to be well-versed in the relevant law and understand litigation procedures to move a case forward. There are many deadlines, significant document drafting, and stacks of paperwork to consider. Connecting with a licensed legal professional who knows the process inside and out will ensure it unfolds without mistakes. Even the smallest errors can impact a legal case.

The experienced Chicago car accident attorney team at Argionis & Associates is here for you. We will advocate for you, guide you through the claims process and help you collect what you deserve.

What Will a Car Accident Attorney Do?

Once you engage Argionis & Associates as your Chicago car accident lawyer, we’ll act on your behalf to:

  • Communicate with the insurance companies, freeing you to focus on recovery.
  • Gather evidence to build a successful claim, such as collecting your medical records and witness statements.
  • Negotiate to get you the settlement you deserve.
  • Protect your rights by fighting for you and presenting your case in court if necessary.

Why Hire a Chicago Traffic Collision Attorney?

Car accident lawyer, George Argionis, has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. As an injury attorney, George knows how to deal with insurance companies. He has worked in the past as a lawyer defending insurance companies. So, he has first-hand insight on how auto insurance companies evaluate a case and how they handle settlement negotiations. George will fight tirelessly to ensure you get the settlement and the compensation you deserve.

We can handle any auto case whether it is big or small. Please call us for a free consultation on the value of your case.

Chicago Car Accident FAQ

You likely have a lot of questions after being in a collision. Here are answers to some our clients often ask.

What Are Common Injuries From Car Accidents?

Typical injuries victims may receive in a car crash include:

  • Soft tissue injuries, like bruises and sprains
  • Broken bones
  • Injuries to the head, brain, neck or spine
  • Burns
  • Cuts and scrapes

What Damages Can I Recover in a Car Accident Lawsuit?

If you’ve experienced a car accident, you may receive compensation for numerous damages:

  • Property damage: You may recover costs from damage to items like your car or electronic devices.
  • Pain and suffering: You can seek compensation for any physical, mental and emotional trauma you experienced.
  • Medical treatment costs: Bills you’ve paid and ongoing injury-related treatment may be recoverable.
  • Lost wages: You may be able to recover the money you’ve missed if an accident leaves you unable to work.

What Is the Average Car Accident Settlement in Illinois?

When making settlement offers, insurance companies want to pay out the lowest amount possible. Each claim relies on the severity and duration of injuries and other damage. Your lawyer will discuss your case details with you to tell you the compensation you can reasonably expect.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Case in Illinois?

The time frame is different for every case. Many straightforward car collision claims settle in less than a year after filing. Cases that go to litigation take longer, sometimes years, to finalize.

How Much Will a Car Accident Attorney Cost?

The team at Argionis & Associates works on contingency, so we only get paid if we win. You’ll pay a portion of what we recover in exchange for our representation. If we’re not successful, you’ll owe nothing. Please ask your lawyer for more details.

How Long After a Car Accident Can You Sue in Illinois?

Like many states, Illinois has a statute of limitations for you to file a claim. That is, you must file your claim within a certain amount of time after the accident or injury has taken place. Otherwise, you could be giving up your right to bring forward your claim. The time frame differs depending on the type of accident claim you pursue.

Generally speaking, you must file personal injury and product liability claims within two years of the accident date. To hold a local government agency or alcohol-serving business accountable, no more than a year may pass before you start the process. For wrongful death cases, you need to file within two years of the accident or the date of death from accident-related causes.

Some exceptions may apply in certain cases. Consult with your attorney for the best advice on your unique claim.

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