Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer in Chicago

According to the American Cancer Society, about 1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in America in 2018. Many of these new patients will be misdiagnosed, incorrectly diagnosed or given a delayed diagnosis past when their condition could have been detected. According to one study from The Johns Hopkins Hospital, about one in five cancer diagnoses were incorrectly classified, and one in 71 cases were misdiagnosed.

Misdiagnosis of cancer occurs when a tumor or condition is labeled as cancer when it is not cancerous. Delayed cancer diagnosis by Chicago doctors occurs when cancer is not found early when symptoms were present.

Devastating Cancer Misdiagnosis Stories in Chicago and Across the Country

Both delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis of cancer can have devastating impacts on patients. In Chicago and other communities, when cancer is misdiagnosed, patients sometimes undergo grueling chemo and radiation treatments when they do not have cancer. These treatments weaken their immune systems and can cause serious side effects or illness. In addition, patients who have been misdiagnosed lose time at work and face the stress of thinking they have a serious disease.

In some cases, patients have unneeded surgeries — with all associated risks — because of a cancer misdiagnosis. This situation can result in permanent changes to health and mobility. Some young women who are misdiagnosed with cervical, ovarian or other cancers, for example, can end up having hysterectomies, which prevent them from ever having children of their own.

In delayed diagnosis cases, cancer patients also suffer. In some cases, patients do not get treatment in time with a delayed diagnosis, meaning their cancer spreads and their chances of survival become much smaller. Patients who experience delayed diagnosis have a poorer prognosis and may spend months or years in pain because their symptoms and cancer were not addressed.

What to Do If You Are Misdiagnosed With Cancer by a Chicago Doctor

If you’re misdiagnosed, take care of your health right away by pursuing treatment and getting a second medical opinion. In addition, contact a cancer misdiagnosis attorney in Chicago right away. An attorney can help you consider your legal options.

If you have a medical malpractice claim, pursuing that claim can help you get compensation to address the lost time at work and expensive medical treatments you may need as a result of the delayed or incorrect diagnosis. Since your case may be more complex as a result of your damages, medical treatment may be more expensive, and compensation can help you pay for the best medical care possible.

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