Police Brutality Lawyers in Chicago

Shooting Statistics in Chicago

According to police brutality statistics, Chicago sees a lot of police activity. Between 2010 and 2015, police used 2,623 bullets in 435 shootings. At least one person was shot in 235 of these shootings. The statistics tell only part of the tale too. Behind every instance of police shootings or violence are fatalities and serious injuries as well as fear and mistrust.

What Is Police Brutality?

There are many ways to approach a police brutality definition, but a common way to describe brutality when it comes to law enforcement is the use of force which exceeds that needed for a specific police task.

Police officers are allowed to use force when arresting someone and when needed in their line of work. If they exceed the limit of what is considered reasonable, they can be found guilty of assault, sued and even be stripped of their badge.

Examples of Police Brutality

Police brutality can include:

  • Beating or physically assaulting someone who has been stopped and is not resisting
  • Using verbal threats or intimidation against someone who is cooperating with police
  • Placing excessive restraints on someone in custody, to the point that the person’s safety is compromised
  • Shooting an unarmed person who does not pose a threat

How Do You Prove Police Brutality in Chicago?

Police brutality cases in Chicago are in the news and sometimes provoke public anger because in many cases, it can seem that police who use violence see no repercussions for their actions. Sometimes, police brutality victims in Chicago feel that they have no recourse and no voice.

One of the challenges with these cases is that police are allowed to use force, which means victims need to prove police used unreasonable force. Law enforcement officials often do not hand over evidence that could see them held liable. In addition, police are protected by strong unions. Both internal and third-party investigations tend to be handled by police officers or former officers, who can be quite sympathetic toward the accused.

Even so, there are ways to prove police brutality. Having incidents caught on tape, taking photos of injuries and getting the names and contact information of witnesses is a good place to start. One of the best actions you can take if you’ve been the victim of excessive violence at the hands of law enforcement is to contact a police violence attorney as soon as possible. Officers have an advantage by being in the legal system, so you need an experienced attorney who can shape and strengthen the claim from the start.

Argionis & Associates Can Help If You Experience Police Violence in Chicago

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