Product Liability Lawyers in Chicago

Our firm has extensive experience in litigating cases against corporations or manufacturers who have manufactured or sold unsafe and dangerous products to consumers.

What Is a Product Liability Claim?

A product liability claim is a personal injury claim that occurs when someone is injured by an unsafe or defective product. These claims usually occur when a customer buys and uses a product that does not meet basic expectations and, as a result, causes an injury. For example, if someone purchases a snack and gets violently ill due to a bacteria in the food, that product does not meet basic expectations of use. Since an injury occurred, a claim may be made.

What Does the Law Cover?

Products liability law is an area of personal injury law focused on injuries caused by defective and dangerous products. “Products” for purposes of products liability law cover a wide range of categories, including:

  • Tools and machinery
  • Drugs and medicine, e.g. Baycol, Fen-Phen, Rezulin, Vioxx, PPA, Celebrex, Aleve, Bendectin, DES, Thalidomide, Phentermine, Accutane, Parlodel, Oxycontin, Phenylpropanolamine, Pyridostigmine Bromide, and other prescription and over the counter drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Food and tobacco
  • Toxic chemicals and substances, such as asbestos, pesticides, and mold
  • Firearms
  • Automobiles and other motor vehicles, such as trucks and motorcycles
  • Automobile accessories, including tires, seat belts, airbags, and child safety seats
  • Household appliances and products
  • Toys and recreational equipment
  • Clothing and apparel

If you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product, or if you are the survivor of someone whose death may have been caused by a dangerous or defective product, it is important that you know your rights under the law. Allow our experienced and dedicated products liability attorneys to advise you of those rights.

When Should You File a Product Liability Lawsuit?

In general, as soon as you find that you are injured by a product, you should contact an attorney to find out whether you have a defective product lawsuit in Chicago. If you wait, you may find the manufacturer’s attorneys allege you were not as seriously injured as you claim. In addition, some of the evidence of your case may go missing after some time, so it’s crucial to act on defective product cases fast.

It’s also important to file a lawsuit quickly because the costs of a defective product can add up. If you’re seriously injured, you may need medical treatment or lose time at work because of your injury. A defective product can cause property damage to your home or require you to purchase a new product to replace the unsafe one. Seeking compensation can help you with all these costs and more.

Dangerous Product Attorney in Chicago

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