Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Chicago

When you arrive at your workplace each day, you expect to put in an honest day on the job. No one expects to be injured, but each year, Chicago residents and Americans across the country are seriously injured or even killed at work.

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Being injured on the job in Chicago can happen in many ways. You could fall from a height, be crushed by a machine, experience exposure to a toxin, get a repetitive strain injury, or suffer any number of other injuries. No matter what happens, your injury can be devastating, leaving you with considerable medical bills and even lost income if you cannot work while you recover.

If you’ve suffered an on-the-job injury, it’s important to contact a Chicago workers’ compensation attorney if you have any concerns about your workers’ compensation claim. Attorneys can help with delayed checks, denied claims, and more.

Injured on the Job in Chicago?

If you’ve been injured on the job, you must first seek any needed emergency medical treatment. If your injury is serious and potentially life-threatening, you need to contact 911 to get immediate help.

How Long Do I have to Report a Work Related Injury?

You also need to report your injury to your workplace within 45 days of the incident. Your workplace will have a system for reporting the injury. While you have 45 days, it’s best to report your injury and start the workers’ comp claim process as soon as possible. Waiting can mean more doubt is cast on your injuries.

What to Do After Reporting a Work Injury?

Once you’ve reported the injury, your employer should submit a claim to their insurer. It’s useful if you can get this in writing and obtain a copy to gauge its accuracy. If there is any inaccuracy or seems to be any delays or problems, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago to strengthen your claim and to get support.

If you’re concerned at any point about the workers’ compensation claims process, contact the Chicago offices of Argionis & Associates by calling (312) 782-4545 for a free consultation.

Workers’ Compensation Laws in Chicago, Illinois

Workers’ compensation laws in Illinois require all employers — even very small businesses — to pay for workers’ compensation insurance on behalf of all eligible employees. When a worker is injured, these laws require that 100 percent of medical bills related to the workplace injury are covered and not paid by the worker. The employee should not be making co-pays or paying deductibles.

In addition, workers’ comp laws in Chicago mandate that employees who cannot work due to a workplace injury receive 66 percent, or two-thirds, of their normal pay while they cannot work. If an injury is long-term or permanent, a lump sum workers’ comp settlement is offered after medical treatment is completed.

Do You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Many people worry that consulting with an attorney will make their employer or the insurance company angry. They want to believe their employer has their best interests at heart. But often this isn’t the case.

A lawyer simply ensures you get treated fairly throughout the workers’ compensation process. Too many times, small mistakes lead to a loss of benefits you deserve, such as:

  • Filling out forms incorrectly
  • Mistakenly giving incorrect dates or timelines related to your injury
  • Not filing forms on time

A lawyer can act as a safety check for all these things and more. Chicago’s workers’ compensation law is complex. Unless you have training in this area, you may not understand the many legal guidelines that can come to bear on your claim.

Your lawyer will advocate for you and advise you on any potential issues that may pop up. It is better to prepare in advance for an undesirable outcome than to scramble to react after a decision doesn’t go your way. By enlisting the assistance of a workers’ compensation lawyer, you protect yourself in this difficult period.

Why Choose Us as Your Workers’ Compensation Injury Lawyers in Chicago?

When you are forced off the job due to injury, it can be frustrating. You want to provide for your family while you are out of work, and you want to have the time to concentrate on your recovery so you can return to your position in better health than ever. You need an excellent workplace injury attorney with experience with Chicago cases to ensure you get that compensation and recovery time.

Argionis & Associates has assisted many people just like you with their workers’ compensation case. Our law firm in Chicago focuses on injury-related cases. We have gained knowledge through the thousands of clients we have helped reach the most beneficial outcome in their workers’ comp cases.

Our workplace injury attorneys understand how to deal with insurance companies. We know they do not want to pay you the money for workers’ compensation and may try to claim you are lying about the severity of your injury or how it happened. You want a lawyer on your side who has a strategy to deal with these types of tactics.

We handle every case on an individual basis. While some cases may have similarities, each one is different and requires a carefully considered approach. We want to hear your side of the story and learn everything we can about your situation. Our firm won’t hand you off to a legal assistant or law clerk. Our Chicago work injury lawyers will confer with you directly to aid you in achieving the best results.

This could mean settling out of court, but we are also prepared to fight for you in court if the insurance company doesn’t offer a fair deal. We care about you and what the outcome of your case means for your future. You can trust us to keep your best interests at heart through the entire process.

Contact a Top Chicago Workers’ Compensation Attorney To Help You on Your Way to Recovery

If you’ve been injured at work, contact Argionis & Associates to secure work-related injury representation through our Chicago legal offices. Our caring attorneys never pass the buck. When you reach out to us, you’ll work with experienced attorneys, and your case won’t be given to legal clerks. We also work on a contingency basis, so you only pay legal costs if and when we recover on your behalf. If you’re looking for the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Chicago, contact us right away.

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