Representative Damage Recoveries on Behalf of Injured Clients

CONFIDENTIAL SUM: Railroad Train Collision wrongful death lawsuit. Attorney George Argionis obtained confidential settlement, for a family, involving a wrongful death lawsuit against a railroad company involving a death at an unmarked train crossing. Family of decedent alleged that railroad should have erected working lights and active gates at grade crossing to alert drivers of approaching trains.

$12,352,872.51: Verdict for a person whose foot was run over by a forklift at a home improvement store. Client suffered a crush injury to his foot and also suffered from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which required insertion of a spine stimulator into his body to help with the chronic pain. Verdict is a record high in the State of Illinois for this type of injury.

$3,850,000: Truck driver suffers pelvic fracture requiring surgery and complex regional pain syndrome. Truck driver is struck by Skid Steer as he was crossing the street. Injured worker was not able to bring suit against Skid Steer driver because they worked for the same company. Illinois law prevents workers from bringing an injury lawsuit against their employer. Truck injury attorney George Argionis obtained a court protective order to inspect the skid steer and discovered that the backup alarm on the skid steer was not loud enough to warn workers that it is backing up. Attorney George Argionis brought suit against the heavy machinery leasing company that had installed the backup alarm on the skid steer, for failing to ensure that the correct part was placed in the skid steer.

$3,500,000: Significant spinal cord injury resulting from trucking collision.

$3,110,000: Medical Malpractice case against Municipal paramedics for infant that suffered brain damage. Paramedics failed to follow their training and did not transport a baby that was having breathing problems. The babysitter that was caring for the baby called 911 and described that the baby was having breathing problems. Paramedics arrived and they examined the baby, during which time the babysitter told the paramedics that the baby was still having breathing problems. The paramedics said the baby appeared normal and did not take the baby to the emergency room. Paramedics failed to take a complete history of the baby’s symptoms and failed to realize how sick this baby was. Approximately two hours later, the baby suffered a hypoxic event that caused permanent brain damage. Medical malpractice claims against a Municipal entity are much more difficult because, Municipal employed paramedics are protected by governmental immunity. Therefore, in order to recover in this case we had to prove that the paramedics acted with reckless disregard for the safety of the infant. This is a much more higher standard of proof. Medical Malpractice lawyer George Argionis retained some of the leading medical experts in paramedic care, neonatology and pediatric infectious disease in the United States to assist in this case.

$2,100.000: Construction worker suffered fatal injuries on job site.

$1,800,000: Trucking collision involving the death of a driver.

$1,070,000: Construction injury involving a carpenter who suffered a fractured arm and developed Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome in his arm.

$1,000,000: Award for a person who suffered a serious foot infection from a pedicure cut at a nail salon.

$1,000,000: Recovery for construction worker who was injured on a high rise construction site, who suffered multiple orthopedic injuries which required multiple surgeries. Construction injury lawyer George Argionis was able to recover for his client’s injuries.

$1,000,000: Medical malpractice case involving misdiagnosis of lung cancer.

$1,000,000: Elderly man fatally struck by ambulance while crossing mid-street; ambulance company paid full policy limits.

$975,000: Award for a 50 year old woman who suffered a spinal injury to her neck requiring multiple fusion surgeries, as a result of being struck by a utility truck in an intersection collision.

$925,000: Award in a trucking collision, wheel separation case, in which a corporation failed to properly maintain its trucking fleet. Client, 56 year old woman required cervical neck surgery and treatment for her lower back.

$900,000: Trucking collision involving multiple orthopedic injuries

$890,000: Nursing home neglect case. Elderly resident was abused by staff.

$825,000: For a 28 years old furniture mover who suffered bilateral foot fractures and hip fracture requiring a hip resurfacing procedure. Client also received approximately $250,000 in workers compensation benefits in addition to the $825,000 award.

$800,000: Premises liability slip and fall injury. Condominium complex gutters would freeze over in the winter and pour water, which would freeze, into a covered walkway staircase of the complex. A 32 year old man slipped on the ice and broke his ankle while walking down the icy stairs. Thirty days later he died from a pulmonary embolism, a rare complication of his ankle fracture. Illinois law provides immunity from suing a property owner for failing to timely remove snow and ice from their property. Personal injury premises liability attorney George Argionis alleged that the condo complex attic space was not properly ventilated and not properly insulated and thus would cause an ice damming condition which caused the gutters to freeze over and pour freezing water into the staircase where the person was injured. Alleging a defect on the property allowed personal injury attorney George Argionis to get around the Illinois immunity and recovery for this family.

$750,000: Nursing home abuse case; elderly resident suffered hip fracture due to neglect.

$700,000: Neck injury requiring cervical fusion surgery as a result of an auto collision.

$500,000: Award for a truck driver who suffered a neck injury requiring a cervical fusion surgery. Truck driver was rear-ended by another vehicle.

$500,000: Multiple injuries due to motor vehicle collision.

$490,000: Award in a worker’s compensation case in which a 29 year old carpenter was injured at a construction site. He suffered a lower back injury to his spine requiring multiple level cervical fusions. Part of the settlement agreement involved “open medical”. This agreement will also provide medical care for any future treatment the carpenter will need for his lower back.

$479,000: Leg fracture due to automobile/pedestrian collision.

$465,000: Hip fracture and subsequent death of 93 year old man due to fall on improperly maintained floor.

$462,500: Medical negligence action arising out of failure to diagnose bowel obstruction.

$462,000: Premises liability injury award for plaintiff injured in bowling alley. Plaintiff injured when she slipped on oil on the bowling lane. Approach was excessively oiled due to defective oiling machine. Plaintiff suffered severe neck injury requiring cervical fusion surgery.

$450,000: Settlement for the estate of an elderly man who passed away after choking on a hotdog, while a resident at a hospice facility.

$430,000: Award for a 28 years old male who slipped and fell suffering a meniscal tear and patella-femoral tendon requiring surgery. He was injured in a national grocery store in Chicago Illinois.

$405,000: Significant scarring and nipple loss resulting from breast reduction procedure.

$400,000: Worker’s Compensation settlement in which a construction worker suffered multiple fracture while working on a construction site

$395,000: Worker’s Compensation award for kitchen worker injured on the job. Injured worker underwent neck fusion surgery, and received Approximately $250,000 worth of medical and pay benefits in addition to the settlement amount.

$387,500: Premises liability case in which 60 year old man slipped and fell at a shopping mall staircase which did not contain a hand rail. Man suffered injury to his back.

$360,000: Award for a 27 year certified nurses assistant who slipped on a freshly waxed floor. Cleaning company failed to put up warning signs. Nurse assistant suffered lower back injury which required arthroscopic back surgery. Client also received over $100,000 worth of worker’s compensation benefits in addition to $360,000 award.

$350,000: Man suffered a shoulder injury requiring surgery who was injured on a construction site in which the General Contractor failed to properly and safely excavate a trench

$345,000: Shoulder replacement due to slip and fall in retail store.

$325,000: 28 year old woman was involved in a trucking collision which she suffered injury to her lower back.

$325,000: 35 year old man involved in high speed auto collision which he suffered injury to his spine.

$320,000: Spinal hemilaminectomy attributable to motor vehicle collision.

$310,000 Trucking collision award. 52 year old driver was hit by a semi tractor trailer and an suv on the highway. Driver suffered a lower back injury which required surgery.

$300,000: Worker’s Compensation Case award, for construction laborer who fell off of a defective scaffold. Injured worker suffered forearm fracture and tibia leg fracture which required multiple surgeries. Injured worker also received over $230,000 in disability pay and medical benefits from claim.

$300,000: Premises liability award for fall down on dark stairway. Tenant fell down darkened stairway, due to landlord’s chronic failure to pay the apartment’s electrical bill. Tenant suffered bilateral fractures of her hips requiring multiple surgeries.

$287,500: Nursing home neglect case. 70 year old woman was not provided with the proper preventative measures of nursing case, such as periodic skin exams, support mattress, repositioning patient every two hours to help circulation and prevent the development of pressure sores. As a result of the nursing home neglect, patient developed multiple decubitus ulcers on her body and required multiple debridement surgeries.

$250,000: Construction worker suffered multiple fractures on a construction site in which the General Contractor failed to maintain  safe  ladders on the job site

$225,000: Multiple fractures due to pedestrian/automobile collision.

$220,000: Child Dog Bite injury. Four year old child was attacked by a 200 pound dog. Child suffered severe lacerations to his face and head. Child also suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

$206,000: Pedestrian struck by van and suffered back and wrist injuries

$150,000: Nursing home neglect award. 82 year old senior was neglected at nursing home. As a result, senior developed multiple bed sores.

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