Transportation Negligence

Our firm represents clients who have suffered personal injuries resulting from transportation negligence. Such injuries may arise out of trucking collisions, train accidents, or aviation accidents. We represent individuals injured in accidents involving drunk or hit and run drivers, uninsured or underinsured drivers, as well as accidents occurring from semi-tractor trailer collisions and rollovers. Some transportation negligence cases may involve violations of federal regulations. We also represent those injured in accidents, collisions or crashes resulting from defective products or design, such as defective seatbelts, tires or gas tanks.

Injuries suffered as a result of these types of accidents can be severe and life altering. Persons who have been the victim of transportation negligence may be entitled to recover damages for past and future medical expenses, disfigurement, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, and damage to personal property. The spouse of an injured person may be entitled to recover for loss of consortium damages, which include the value of lost services and companionship provided by the injured person.

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